What Remains of the French Nobility?

From the Château de Courson, a stunning 17th-century property, France24.com explores the French nobility. “It’s a social class which no longer has any legal status. However, you would be wrong to assume that “la noblesse” no longer exists! According to some estimates, there may actually be more people who can claim to be part of the French aristocracy today than before the French Revolution.”

This sparked some interesting comments on Youtube.com. One Frenchmen wrote, defensively: “The nobility without the full weight of state establishment support behind it isn’t really nobility at all, it’s just a bunch of rich people who were ‘born’ into that strata. Contrast that with the UK monarchist state where our whole corrupt filthy system is designed to prop up and subsidise the aristocracy. I’d rather be French any day!”

A Brit retorts: “Well being born into that strata also includes the children of wealthy capitalists in seedy republics. It is not just a monarchist state. I would rather live in a great and ancient nation like Great Britain where consensus rules and not a take to the streets mob rule of the French FIFTH republic.”

This person agrees with the French: “Without special rights, they do cease to exist since that is the very definition of anonymity. Since there is nothing genetically distinct, and thus there is no biological basis for a class of nobility, nobility is nothing more than a cultural artifact. If that artifact isn’t maintained by a legal system which confers special rights and privileges, then nobility ceases to exist.”

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