Deck of Cards for Critical Thinking Are Among School of Thought’s Resources is a non-profit providing free education resources on critical thinking, creative thinking, and philosophy, It helps students question all schools of thoughts, with a virtual “department of BS detection.”

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offers cards and posters which discuss 24 common logical fallacies that advertisers, politicians and the media use to manipulate people, as well as 24 common cognitive biases that stuff up thinking. The set includes three games to play with the cards.

The cards are available for free download as a PDF file at If you would like a set which is ready for double-sided printout, click here.

Quizlet on logical fallacies (flashcards).

Quizlet on 52 logical fallacies

One of the most common logical fallacies against vaccines is to portray oneself as the romantic rebel. “The Romantic Rebel. Also: the Truthdig/Truthout Fallacythe Brave Heretic; Conspiracy theories; the Iconoclastic Fallacy.”

“The contemporary fallacy of claiming Truth or validity for one’s standpoint solely or primarily because one is supposedly standing up heroically to the dominant ‘orthodoxy,’ the current Standard Model, conventional wisdom or Political Correctness, or whatever may be the Bandwagon of the moment; a corrupt argument from ethos. E.g., ‘Back in the day the scientific establishment thought that the world was flat, that was until Columbus proved them wrong!  Now they want us to believe that ordinary water is nothing but H2O. Are you going to believe them? The government is frantically trying to suppress the truth that our public drinking-water supply actually has nitrogen in it and causes congenital vampirism! And what about Area 51? Don’t you care? Or are you just a kiss-up for the corrupt scientific establishment?’

“The opposite of the Bandwagon fallacy.”

147 Logical Fallacies: A Master List With Examples.

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