13 Posts on Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow’s Biography of Alexander Hamilton Is Magnificent

Ode to the Federalist Party’s Dazzling Accomplishments in 12 Years

Alexander Hamilton’s Truly Miraculous Rise from Orphan in Caribbean to Founding Father

Alexander Hamilton: Illegitimate Child and Orphan Who Had A Lifelong Obsession With Honor

Alexander Hamilton’s Hyper-Critical View of John Adams’ Administration

Cultural Phenomenon of ‘Hamilton’ Broadway Musical and Story of America

A Close Look at Alexander Hamilton, the Musical.

Federalist Papers Still Speak to Americans.

Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Papers Are Resurrected During Trump Impeachment.

What if Alexander Hamilton Lived?

Reactions to Mass TV Streaming of ‘Hamilton’

The Women of ‘Hamilton’

New Perspectives on Aaron Burr, Jefferson’s Vice President, Who Murdered Alexander Hamilton

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