US Civil War Can Still Be Lost

UNUM, or “One Nation, Many Stories” is a “digital destination by filmmaker Ken Burns that uses his films and other materials to provide historical context to today’s issues and spark conversation.” It includes a Youtube site, a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram feeds that users can subscribe to.

I do want to recommend a few clips from his classic Civil War series. Some episodes of the series can be found on Youtube, but they are probably unauthorized. The entire documentary series along with other Burns’ works can be streamed with a $5 a month subscription to PBS Passport, which is well worth it.

The Cause

“The Civil War was fought in 10,000 places. 2% of the general population died in the war and it changed forever the lives of all who lived through it. Clip from Episode 1.” Burns’ Youtube site does not allow embedding this clip.

Was It Not Real? Who Won the War?

“Four million slaves were freed yet it would take another century for African Americans to win ‘freedom.’ History is not ‘was’ but ‘is.’ Until we treat each other as equals the Civil War will never be over.”

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