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This site focuses on big-picture retrospectives. Daily posts since 2018 on world and national histories are now nearly 1500-posts strong, linked to 10-year timelines going back to the 1450s, one-hundred-year timelines back to zero A.D. and then five-hundred-year timelines BCE, Before the Common Era. “What if?” and alternative history are important intellectual exercises that can deepen readers’ understandings of significance and causality. There are quite a few posts on that. Alternate History Buffs Re-imagine ‘Slender Threads’ For Better, and For Worse.

These posts can be considered for online courses, and for supplements to lectures and readings in face-to-face courses. They are an antidote to the “tyranny of now” — a cultural obsession with learning the latest news, much of it trivial, while completely at a loss in sorting the significant from the insignificant, essence from the trivial and peripheral, historical perspective from simple distraction.

We attempt to capture at least part of the explosion of online resources on historical topics, especially the fire hose of videos now available on and other streaming services.

A companion site,, puts current events in historical perspective by aggregating, editing and organizing these posts for teachers, students, and folks committed to more systematic lifelong learning. Podcasts, video calls and online sessions are produced regularly.

Join us by clicking here, peruse the initial table of contents for the first 100 posts, introduce yourself, and let’s start the discussion.

The initial themes are:

Working Through Hyper-Partisan Stalemates

Pandemics: What Can We Learn from History?

Lessons of History, Theories of History in the Popular Imagination

Developing Historical Perspective and Using Historical Methods

Nationalism and Trans-Nationalism: Forces for Good or Evil?

Autocracy, Authoritarianism and Surveillance Societies As Inevitable Global Threat.

How the American Civil War Lives On in Contemporary Politics and LifeThe potential for a new civil war. Grappling with family histories as old sins cast long shadows.

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Drill Deeper:

Introducing Slender Threads, letter on Substack.

What Readers Are Saying About This Material. Earlier testimonials.

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