Black History Blog Illuminates Accomplishments Despite Barriers

The blog has hundreds of posts going back to 2015 on black history, health care, civil rights, distinguished professionals, inventors, musicians, and fascinating individuals throughout history. Among the posts I found most interesting:

“Who Said That?”: Test Your Knowledge

How U.S. Racism Influenced Adolf Hitler


It’s Bigger Than You Think!

The Berlin Conference of 1884: How 14 European Countries Took Control Of Africa

Distinguished Professionals

Robert Robinson Taylor: Trailblazing African American Architect

McKissack & McKissack: The Oldest African-American Owned Architecture, Construction, & Engineering Firm

Jason Wright: 1st Black President & General Manager Of An NFL Team

Esteban Hotesse: The Tuskegee Airmen’s Forgotten Afro-Latinx Pilot

Dr. Robert Bullard: The Father Of Environmental Justice

Emmitt McHenry: African American CEO Who Developed .com Code For Internet Domain Registration

Alice Ball:  African American Chemist Who Developed First Successful Treatment of Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease)

Dr. Margaret Morgan Lawrence: Trailblazing Child Psychiatrist & Pediatrician

National Negro Business League: A Legacy of Strategic Economic Empowerment

Health Care

The African Roots Of Mental Health

Understanding The Impact Of Racial Trauma

Mind The Gap: Clinical Signs & Symptoms Handbook For Black & Brown Skin Created By Medical School Student, Malone Mukwende

Ancient African Roots Of Dentistry & The Discovery of Diabetes

Central State Lunatic Asylum For the Colored Insane:  First Mental Hospital For African Americans In The U.S.



Stuff You Might Not Know About Stevie Wonder

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