Remembering Red Cloud, Who Saved a Subtribe of the Lakota from Extermination

Red Cloud (1822-1909) courageously resisted and survived against a hostile U.S. government, defending and negotiating toughly on behalf of his people, the Oglala Lakota from 1868 to 1909. He was largely forgotten by American history texts, but his full story was uncovered in the 1990s when a manuscript of his memories was discovered.

History in Five: “Learn more about THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT IS at… Tom Clavin and Bob Drury, the authors of THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT IS, present five things that you should know about Red Cloud, the only Indian war chief to defeat the U.S. in battle.”

“He was one of the most capable Native American opponents that the U.S. Army faced in its mission to occupy the western territories, defeating the U.S.  during Red Cloud’s War, which was a fight over control of the Powder River Country in Wyoming and Montana. The largest action of the war was the Fetterman Fight, with 81 U.S soldiers killed, and was the worst military defeat suffered by the U.S. Army on the Great Plains until the Battle of the Little Bighorn ten years later. (More from Wikipedia.)

More videos on Red Cloud.

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