Benedict Arnold: Why Did He Betray His Country?

He was a brilliant Revolutionary War general, yet he defected to England. Why did Benedict Arnold become one of the most notorious military leaders in American if not world history? Even after his defection, he was not honored in England, but shamed.

Smithsonian Channel: “To most Americans, the name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with betrayal, an American hero-turned-traitor. But new evidence reveals that he may have been influenced by another person: his young wife, Peggy. From the Series: America’s Hidden Stories: Mrs. Benedict Arnold

Biography: “Story of the brilliant American Revolutionary War general who turned traitor.”

Benedict Arnold: The Untold Story of An American Hero

Grim Battalia: “Benedict Arnold is considered the worst traitor in American History, but without him, it is unlikely the United States would exist today. Arnold’s achievements were overshadowed by his betrayal, but from his perspective, it was Congress that betrayed him. He was placed on their blacklist and overlooked time and time again for promotions. Throughout the war, Arnold led the Americans to victory at the Siege of Ticonderoga, The Battle of Lake Champlain, the First Battle of Saratoga and the Second Battle of Sarota. His accomplishments allowed the Americans to win at the Siege of Boston and he led a daring invasion of Quebec…”

National Museum of American History: The Time Trial of Benedict Arnold. How should history remember Benedict Arnold? In The Time Trial of Benedict Arnold, visitors act as jurors in the Court of Public History. Watch as visitors debate his legacy and hear Arnold’s arguments in his own defense. When History is on trial, only Time can be the judge. To recreate this program with students, use the lesson outline here:… And the video segments below: Opening Statement:… If I Am a Traitor:… You Betrayed Your Country: You Betrayed the Declaration of Independence:… You Betrayed Congress:… You Betrayed the Soldiers:… You Betrayed General Washington:… You Began a Conspiracy:… Did You Take Money?:… How Were you Injured?:… How Should You Be Remembered?:… Verdict: Acquittal:… Verdict: Conviction:… Verdict: Undecided:…

George Washington’s Mount Vernon: “This video is part of a longer interview between Dr. Douglas Bradburn and author Nathaniel Philbrick on his book based on the Revolutionary War entitled: Valiant Ambition The full interview can be found here:

Did Arnold See Himself As A Traitor?

More videos on Benedict Arnold.

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