President Richard Nixon: Still Fascinating, Still Controversial

The American Experience: “Even today, decades after his death, Richard Nixon inspires divided passions in America. Nixon was a self-made man who rose from modest Quaker beginnings in California to the most powerful office in the world. Admired and reviled, loved and hated, the man and his life continue to fascinate us.” Watch the documentary:

Why Are We So Fascinated By Nixon?

2014: “Interest in the character and legacy of President Richard Nixon has endured 40 years since his resignation. Judy Woodruff joins Beverly Gage of Yale University, Timothy Naftali of New York University, Patrick Buchanan, author of “The Greatest Comeback” and Luke Nichter, author of “The Nixon Tapes,” to discuss Nixon’s many facets and how his presidency changed American government.” Read the story here:…

Nixon to China Documentaries

2008 Frost-Nixon Docudrama

A dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Matthew Macfadyen. Compare to the actual interviews of Nixon by Frost.

1990 American Experience Documentary

“The enigmatic nature of the Nixon presidency combined comparatively progressive legislative initiatives with a flagrant abuse of presidential power and the public trust….His story is filled with unlikely successes — a staunch anti-communist, he improved U.S.-Soviet relations and surprised the world by opening up relations with Communist China. Some credit him with ending the war in Vietnam. But Nixon’s career was ultimately undone by his own actions. He abused the power of the office, resigned in humiliation, and tainted the presidency in the process.”

President Nixon kept an “enemies list” of those who criticized him. He had these enemies targeted for tax audits or trailed by private detectives, and hired the “plumbers” to stop leaks.

2018: Media Coverage of Nixon Was Radically Different from Coverage of Donald Trump

A 2017 study by Emory University political scientist Gregory Martin and Stanford economist Ali Yurukoglu indicated that watching Fox News in 2008 shifted public support for the Republicans by at least six percentage points. “If Fox News hadn’t existed, the Republican presidential candidate’s share of the two-party vote would have been 3.59 points lower in 2004 and 6.34 points lower in 2008. For context, that would’ve made John Kerry the 2004 popular vote winner, and turned Barack Obama’s 2008 victory into a landslide where he got 60 percent of the two-party vote.”

The Legal Cases Against Nixon and Trump


Roger Ailes, Founder of Fox News: ‘The Loudest Voice’

Would Fox News Exist If Not for Richard Nixon and Watergate?

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