Dwight Eisenhower, 1940s War Hero and 1950s Peace-maker, Reassuring President

“The story of the 5 star General and 34th President…He led the allies to victory in Europe. He left America an unknown soldier and returned its greatest hero. He made his reputation on waging war. He staked it on something just as trying: waging peace. As president, he appeared reassuring, and uncomplicated, and was derided as a good-natured bumbler, old bubble-head. But behind the image was a man in control, a poker-player who gambled with atomic bombs. A life-long soldier with the confidence to speak against the military.” — Historian and narrator David McCullough. Journalist Andy Rooney called Ike “the quintessential American. He meant to do the right thing. He was honest. I think he is the greatest American hero of our time.” PBS American Experience mini-site for this documentary.


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