President Harry Truman ‘Had Greatness Thrust Upon Him’

The life of President Harry Truman, summed up in this 30-minute biography.
Sources/Further reading:
Interesting British obituary from 1972, lots of good details:… Excellent in-depth overview from the Miller Center (multiple chapters):… Interesting NYT review of a book on Truman:… Britannica:… Official White House synopsis:… Truman Library:… Meuse-Argonne offensive:… 1920 depression:… Tom Pendergast and the Pendergast Machine:… Truman and the Iron Curtain speech:… Marshall Plan:… 1948 election:… Berlin airlift:… Presidents ranked:… Truman on race:…


One thought on “President Harry Truman ‘Had Greatness Thrust Upon Him’

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