Teaching Students to Read, Think and Debate Like A Historian

Stanford History Education Group: More than 100 free Reading Like a Historian lessons are available on the Stanford History Education Group website: sheg.stanford.edu


Jeffrey Sanders
: “Your first year of teaching is awful. Why do first year social studies teachers have to reinvent the wheel? In this series, I will be demonstrating how to teach social studies with an emphasis on critical thinking, student engagement, opinion development, and writing. If you would like any of the materials for these lessons, they are available for a nominal fee ($.95) at teacherspayteachers: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/S…” History class is not supposed to be 1)I tell you the facts, 2)you memorize the facts, 3)you tell me the facts from memory. History class is meant to teach students critical thinking skills by presenting students with hard decisions and debate.


‘Reading Like A Historian’: Teaching Literacy in History Class

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