Margaret Thatcher As Female Leader and Archetype for the World

The story of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is compelling because she was an extraordinarily strong woman admired by conservatives and traditionalists for her advocacy of traditional values and attacks against socialism, and yet vilified by leftists during her time in office in the 1980s. Some of her nicknames were “Attila the Hen”; “Milk Snatcher”; “She Devil” and “Monster Mother.” On the positive side, she was perceived as the “Blessed Margaret”; the “Sainted Savior of our Postwar World.” With time and distance, leftists — at least those in Hollywood and the American side of the pond — have come to admire her. Meryl Streep played Thatcher in the 2011 film, “The Iron Lady.”

Ultimately, she was viewed as a reformer who pushed back against the excesses of British socialism. The left conceded this with its embrace of Prime Minister’s Tony Blair‘s “New Labor” from 1997 to 2007. Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, Blair and President Bill Clinton’s “New Democrats” ran campaigns on parallel tracks, a few years apart, with Reagan and Thatcher expressing mutual admiration, and Blair conceding the benefits of Thatcherism and Clinton conceding the benefits of Reaganism.

Many more videos on Margaret Thatcher.


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