‘Hamilton’ Musical Now Available for Everyone

The stage version of the blockbuster Broadway musical “Hamilton” — available live in New York for $600 or more per ticket — is now accessible to the masses. Debuting July 3, 2020 on the Disney Plus streaming channel for $6.99, it is already creating buzz on social media, particularly on Twitter under the hashtag #Hamilfilm.

I’d recommend it as a wonderful introduction to the founding fathers and the American revolution for students of all ages. It’s also a great way to celebrate the nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July, an inspiring story of the meaning and nature of America, “young, scrappy and hungry.”

Details from NJ.com.

Retropolis. The Past, Rediscovered. Washington Post column: 

By Gregory S. Schneider

“It might feel good to watch “Hamilton” and think of an ethnically diverse, hip-hop past. The reality, of course, was way more complicated. Slavery was “a system in which every character in our show is complicit in some way or another,” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda told NPR’s Terry Gross this week. “Hamilton — although he voiced anti-slavery beliefs — remained complicit in the system.”

Lots of other video clips, including nearly all of the music from the Broadway musical, on Youtube.com.

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