The Plot to Overthrow FDR in 1933

This “In Search of History” documentary explains the plot by anti-Semitic, fascist-supporting American right-wingers to overthrow President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, combining WWI veterans in the bonus army, General Smedley Butler, and business leaders like J.P. Morgan concerned that going off the gold standard was “the end of Western civilization.” Butler blew the whistle on the group.  PTA Blues: “President Franklin Roosevelt made an enemy of the richest Americans with remarkable haste. By his first term, his heavily progressive New Deal taxes and the suspension of the gold standard inspired vocal opponents within the highest echelons of industry. Among them was an irate William Randolph Hearst, who filmed a message decrying the “impudent” and “despotic” new tax code. Yet of all of Roosevelt’s powerful enemies, perhaps none were more formidable, or incensed, than those who considered throwing him out of office by way of a fascist military coup.”

The group evolved into the American Liberty League, which included Democratic Party nominees in 1928, Al Smith, and 1924, John W. Davis.

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