Criticized Worse than Abe Lincoln?

President Trump has repeatedly asserted that he is more unfairly criticized than Abraham Lincoln, who presided over the civil war and was assassinated.

Tech Times: “Lincoln’s character is actually demonstrated in his response to the vitriol, from his rivals. He was so humble, self-deprecating, and gracious to those who attacked him. He didn’t insult his opponents; he embraced them. He always insisted he was president for all Americans, even at the time of division. It’s not wrong to say, no president in American history faced more fury, at a time of crisis than Abraham Lincoln. When he was elected in November 1860, the country was deeply divided over the issue of slavery. We may think our elections now are contentious, but they can’t compare to Lincoln’s. Thanks to CNN for this information.”

On CNN, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin explained why Trump is wrong. The segment includes a clip from former president George W. Bush on the importance of empathy during the pandemic abandoning hyper-partisanship.

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