At NC’s ‘Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge’ Scottish Immigrants Defended British Against Rebels


This student documentary was a 2012 Florida History Fair Top 10 Finalist (Jr. Documentary). It is entitled “The American Revolution – Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge” about a battle led by Scottish immigrants to North Carolina near Wilmington, N.C. as they defended the British against the rebels in February 1776. It won honors: “Outstanding County Award” for Manatee County FL and the “American Colonial Heritage Award” from the Florida Society, Sons of the American Revolution. Among the fighters in this battle was Allan MacDonald of Kingsborough, Scotland, married to the Scottish heroine Flora MacDonald. They owned several homes in North Carolina. He “was one of the most important Scottish Highlanders to serve the king’s cause in North Carolina and elsewhere during the American Revolution.” Scottish immigrants whose lives were spared after challenging the British king had to take a vow of loyalty to the crown forever when they were allowed to settle in the new world. Therefore, they did not generally support the American revolution.


3 thoughts on “At NC’s ‘Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge’ Scottish Immigrants Defended British Against Rebels

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