Philosophical Underpinnings For Studying History

Did Cleopatra’s Nose, Henry the VIII’s Libido, Richard III’s Horse and Your Ancestors’ Luck Make Crucial Historical Differences?

Exploring Divine Providence, Retribution, Destiny, Predestination, Teleology and Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory or Butterfly Effect

Has Idea of Progress Disappeared? Why Counterfactuals Are So Popular

‘Inevitable’ Triumph of Democracy, Capitalism Now Very Much in Doubt

Golden Age for Dystopian Fiction

Power of Counter-Factual Thinking: From What Might Have Been to What Must Have Been


Great or Bad Man or Woman Theory of History Or How One Person Can Make A Big Difference

Do Great Men and Women Shape History? Or Are We Slaves to Fate, Random Chaos, Divine Providence?

Great Eras of History Are Resistant to Credible Counter-Factuals and ‘Great Men Theory’

Black Swan Theories Become Fashionable

Causality: Without It, History Doesn’t Happen

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