Republican Fantasy: How America Since 1960 Should Have Been Governed

A Republican’s grievance with history: The country would be better off if Richard Nixon won the election of 1960. Admittedly since America is not a one-party country, 1964 was a Democratic year. But the years 1964 to 1968 were such disasters, losing both the War on Poverty and the Vietnam War, that it was necessary for a Republican (Nixon, again?) to win the 1968 election, and clean up the Democrats’ mess. With term limits, he could have avoided the Watergate fiasco in his second term. A Democrat could serve disastrously from 1973-1981, making way for Ronald Reagan and the Republicans to roar back as they did in our timeline. We’d give Bill Clinton one term, until his corruption and sexual deviancy was exposed and he was removed, nipping the Bill-Hillary Clinton dynasty in the bud. Republicans Dole and/or McCain would serve 1996-2004, then George W. Bush from 2004-2012. Then give Obama one term to screw up, followed by Donald J. Trump in 2016 as in our timeline.

Our country started to go downhill in 1960 when that handsome scoundrel John F. Kennedy and his wealthy b******d father stole the election. Richard Nixon put country above party and accepted the results of that election, unlike Democrats today. If Nixon were elected in 1960, we would have been spared all of that Kennedy worship, and dynasty crap. The media protected and promoted the Kennedys.

Nixon would have governed on “peace through strength,” reminding the world that we had the a-bomb and if other countries messed with us, he wouldn’t hesitate to use it. He would not have accepted the mealy-mouthed Democratic notions of “limited war” and compromised in Vietnam, leading to the communists over-running the place. He would have won quickly, at whatever the cost. As we learned in dropping the big one on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many American lives, and probably Asian lives as well, were saved by dropping the bomb. So, Nixon would have won in Vietnam in 1964, by dropping the bomb as our Republican nominee that year Barry Goldwater suggested.

Nixon was in favor of civil rights, but real conservatives did not like the idea that private businesses could be told by the federal government that they had no right to discriminate or serve whoever they wished to serve. So we would have passed civil rights legislation with a proviso that it did not interfere with the rights of private property owners and private businesses to serve whoever they wished.

Racial discrimination is bad for business. You don’t do well by turning customers away. So racial discrimination in restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, would have ended on its own without the federal government’s interference.

With Nixon and Reagan as president, we would have tax credits for private schools so we could send our kids to good schools of our choice, religious schools, and our kids could go to school with whoever we choose, rather than the entire low-life hoi polloi.

With Nixon or Goldwater as president, we wouldn’t have had all these big government welfare programs, that create a culture of dependency and teach them not to stand up for themselves. In America, we believe in self-reliance.

We Republicans would have eliminated Medicare and Social Security and turned them over to private enterprise. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. People do a lot better if they can freely invest their money in the stock market. If the stock market or the economy crashes, that’s when we’ll come running to the government for bailouts. We would have significantly lowered taxes so that people could purchase the private healthcare programs they need, without the runaway spending of these programs run by the government.

We would eliminate the minimum wage, as it actually limits the labor force, hurts people who are unemployed. If small businesses didn’t have to pay minimum wage, they could hire more workers and increase productivity, because workers would compete against each other to prove they are more worthy of a raise.

If we could wave a magic wand, we would have changed the make-up of the Supreme Court in the 1950s and 1960s. President Eisenhower made grievous mistakes by choosing Earl Warren as chief justice. He betrayed conservatism, becoming a liberal justice — striking down “separate but equal” public schools for whites and blacks, demanding integration; banning Christian prayers in public schools and that teachers cannot promote Christian beliefs in classrooms; expanding the legal rights of defendants — they have a right to a court-appointed defense; they must be read their legal rights before arrest; they cannot be detained to prevent future crimes; essentially requiring that more criminals go free. Eisenhower and Nixon, if elected in 1960, should have appointed a bunch of strict constructionists to the high court, so that instead of a 6-1 decision against prayer in public schools in 1962, we could have gotten a majority in favor of it.

That was one of the worst decisions of the courts, taking the Christian God and prayer out of schools. When we could no longer teach our children at school that we are a predominantly white, Christian nation, our country began to lose its way.

Eisenhower and Nixon should have banned the marketing of birth control. That happened in 1960, when the FDA approved it. That’s what started the sexual revolution, the “woman’s liberation” movement, the rejection of procreation, child-bearing and nurturing as the primary role of females, the revolt of “bored housewives” to no longer submit to their husbands, their desire to march into the workplace and demand equal pay as men. And then in 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion by a 7-2 vote in Roe V. Wade. Thank God birth control and abortion are still banned or inaccessible in some countries of the world, leading to more family stability and less divorce because women have not abandoned their traditional roles.

Kennedy and Johnson appointed four liberal justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. With Nixon as president in the 1960s, perhaps he could have appointed four conservative justices, we could have gotten a different Supreme Court, and a 6-3 decision against Roe V. Wade, keeping abortion illegal or letting states decide for themselves whether it should be illegal.

Without a long and expensive Vietnam War, without all those liberal social programs passed by Kennedy and Johnson and the liberal Democratic Congress of the 1960s, the economy would be better, taxes would be lower, and families would have more income.  Women could stay home and fulfill their God-given duty to procreate and take care of children. Or work part-time. The happiest women are those who work part-time, and have no trouble recognizing that man is the head of the household and head of the family.

So, after Nixon finished his successful presidency in 1968, Americans probably would return to a Democrat, for the first time since 1952. This Democratic president — one of the Kennedys? — would probably last four or eight years, trying and failing to enact all that socialist agenda. But he would have faced an Arab oil embargo in 1973, which created a shock to the US economy, high inflation and high unemployment.

So then, after eight years of abject failure, the Democrats would be defeated. Ronald Reagan would have been elected president in 1976 to clean up their mess. He would have sent troops into the Middle East to take “our oil” and reduce prices for domestic consumption. He would have bombed the hell out of Iran at the start of their so-called Islamic Revolution, or toppled their government and installed another American-friendly puppet, younger and more astute than the Shah, who was dying of cancer. Yes, our CIA installed him in 1953, at the behest of the oil companies, overthrowing a democratically-elected socialist because, well, the Shiite Muslims of Iran clearly weren’t ready for democracy.

Reagan would not have tolerated the taking of American hostages and would have bombed Iran into submission. This would have been a very popular move, even if it killed the American hostages.

So Reagan would have served from 1976-1984, and George H.W. Bush would have succeeded him, and served eight years. Things would go pretty much as they have on our timeline. The 1980s were great years to be a Republican.

Then yes it’s possible Bill Clinton would have been elected in 1992 but defeated in 1996 by Dole when his affair with Monica Lewinsky was discovered. Or impeached and removed as he should have been on our timeline. And that dull Al Gore could have assumed office in 1999 or so until he was defeated by our guy George W. Bush. Things would have gone pretty much according to our timeline.

9/11? There’s no way Bush could have prevented that. Clinton, if he wasn’t so distracted by sex, should have.

Iraq? Ok, yes, maybe it was a mistake by Bush. But the Democrats supported him until they didn’t. Maybe if he had gone in and bombed the hell out of Iraq and then quickly left, things would have been better, at least for Americans. We wouldn’t have lost so many lives at least. Iraq would turn out about like it is, a hell hole. Same with Afghanistan. Both are shithole countries, as Trump says.

2008. Do I think McCain should have won? No, I’d give Obama one term, to show that we aren’t prejudiced against African Americans. But his presidency was such a disaster Romney should have won in 2012. But now as a Trump supporter, I have doubts about the Bushes, McCain and Romney….

2016: If Hillary won, she would have been a complete disaster. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. I couldn’t stand looking at her on TV. We Republicans would have impeached her for sure.

Trump? Give the guy a chance, and let him do his job. He and the GOP Congress engineered a tax cut, slashed business regulations; the economy is doing great — full employment; he nominated two conservative Supreme Court justices who may well outlaw abortion or give states the option to outlaw it. So, a principled conservative who voted for Trump reluctantly has been vindicated because of what Trump has accomplished.

The liberals and the Democrats have been out to get him since before he was elected. So what if he collaborated or colluded with the Russians in the campaign. That’s politics. At least he didn’t buy votes like JFK’s dad and Mayor Daley probably did. At least he didn’t “rig” the nomination process against an opponent the way that Hillary’s cronies did to Bernie Sanders. They all do it. Politics is a dirty business. At least he and Putin saved us from that god-awful Hillary Clinton.

So what if Trump lies some of the time, it’s not as much as the media says he does. All politicians lie. I’d rather have our kind of liar, a good liar, than a Democrat liar.

Do you see any problems with this ardent Republican fantasy? Post in the comments.


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