Could Slavs Have United into an Empire?

Any chance the Slavic people could have united into one empire? In the sixth century, they seemed to be pretty united, according to this map.


That’s a question posed on FB. But what would have held them together? All the other tribal groups (Latin, Celts, Germans, Vikings) broke up into smaller nation-states. In 863, two Byzantine missionaries — Cyril and Methodius — were sent to convert the Slavs. Ian Gould points out that the first Slavic people to convert to Christianity were the Moravians (the modern Czech Republic and Slovakia) and they initially adopted Orthodox Christianity. Old Church Slavonic which became the liturgical language of most of the Slavic Orthodox churches was developed and first used in Moravia. “The Moravian Prince Svatopluk later had the Moravian Church submit to Rome. Church Slavonic was banned and replaced by Latin. A century or so later Moravian missionaries evangelized Poland introducing Catholicism. If Moravia had remained Orthodox, the Slavs would have a lot more in common including a shared written language.”

Many Moravians in the 1700s settled in North Carolina.

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