Comparative Questions Can Make Politics, History Come Alive

In that 2011 Newsweek essay, British historian Niall Ferguson asks some really interesting questions requiring knowledge of international history. I’ll think about the answers and eventually answer these questions myself:

“Why did the American Revolution turn out so much better—with a far lower death toll—than the French Revolution?” I posed this question to the Alternate History group on Facebook and got some very thoughtful responses

“Why did George Washington’s legacy prove more enduring than Simón Bolívar’s?”

“Why did the Civil War not end in political division, the way Germany’s Wars of Unification ended with the exclusion of the south—Austria—from the Reich?”

“What if Washington had shared Napoleon’s appetite for imperial power?” I received a few comments from the Alternate History Facebook group when I posed this question.

“What if the British had supported the Confederacy with cash and cannons?”

“What if Franklin Roosevelt had not been president in World War II?”

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